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Oscar – Insurance for Millennials?

Insurance is a complex industry for those choosing a plan (not to mention those developing them!). It’s incredibly hard to figure out what kind of plan you need – one company, Picwell, predicts that consumers face something like 900,000 variables when making a decision on a plan. Obviously, such a decision is intractable, and predicting your […]

Drug Prices May be Lowered by New Development Practices

     Reuters recently reported that shifting clinical trial practices have the potential to lower prices for cancer drugs in the United States and abroad. Conventional drug development has stood by randomized trials with the classic ‘placebo’ or ‘control’ groups being compared with the substance in question to see if a drug actually worked. Though […]

Google enters the biotech stage with Calico

     Google announced on Wednesday, September 18th that they were launching an ambitious, “mysterious” new venture named Calico. Calico is a company centered around combatting aging in its various forms. Google announced the company as, “a new company focused on health and well-being, in particular the challenge of aging and associated diseases.”      There […]